My teams have also always had a bin that they use to carry their attachments to the table.  There is usually a small table that the bin sits on, but there have been times in the past when there wasn't a table and the kids put their bin on the floor.  Since that isn't allowed this year, I would check and see if there will be a small table for their use.

My teams have also often set an attachment that they were about to use or that they just finished using off to the side, on the field, but out of the way of anything they were doing and not near anything the robot was about to do, so that there was no question about the fact that it was not strategic, it was just "spreading out" to get ready for the next program.  I would practice being as efficient and neat as you can, and putting everything back in the bin once you're done with it.

Good luck!
Coach of the Brick Dawgs

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