THANK YOU THANK YOU and THANK YOU to all for keeping the magic of FLL alive and something to look forward to. There is something magical that happens for myself and the parents that attend this grand event. We are transformed into the "wannabe kids" that could do what all these amazing future engineers and problem solvers are having so much fun with. Yes it's hard work and time consuming but so worth it for the smiles and the amount of personal and team satisfaction that each team gains.
Our FROGBOTICS teams are so blown away when they get to the tournament at the great scope of creativity and spirited teamwork that is evident from the youngest to the oldest. They are sad to be moving onto high school next year but are thrilled with the opportunity to mentor others next year.
CONGRATULATIONS to all and thanks for the opportunity to keep us adults so intrigued as well!


Kiki Sweigart
Fifth Grade Math / Science/ Computer
Fifth Grade Dean
Horizons Maret Site Director

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