Hi All,
  I'm having a heck of a time figuring out the constraints for M02 (Service
Dog Action)

*"The Fence must be down because the Robot completely crossed it from the
west, after traveling between the Barriers"*

If my team wants to design an attachment to push the fence down and then
cross it... is the fence down *because* the robot completely crossed it?  I
don't think so... it's down because the robot pushed it down... *then* the
robot crossed the fence.  It's certainly not down because the robot crossed
it.  It seems to me that the only legal solution is to have the robot push
the fence down crossing from the west.  This seems very 'un-FLL', in that
there is no freedom to interpret... the method is completely specified.

Any clarification from our FLL overlords would be greatly appreciated.

Frank Levine

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