Here's an important note to all teams:
  Please remember to check for Challenge Updates every week or so by clicking on the "Challenge Updates" link at the Animal Allies web page,

  As Todd noted, Robot Game Update 1 was released on the same day as the challenge, and corrects M15, All Samples, so that the 5 points for M15 are earned if all 7 of the manure samples are completely in the Training and Research Area at the end of the match.

  As discussed in the Field Setup instructions, two of the disk-shaped manure samples are setup on the field, in the East and West Manure Sample positions.

  Of the other 10 Manure Samples, 5 start in Base, and 5 are taken by the referee to use to show Penalties  (see the end of the Mission descriptions, under the title "Penalties".)

Question on Points #1--movement of Manure Samples inside Base
  The only difference between practice and a competition match is that the referee will set up the table before a competition match, with 5 Manure Samples somewhere in Base.  Rule R10, Handling During the Match, allows the team Technicians to touch and move objects within Base (including the Manure samples), and Rule R12, Storage, allows those objects to be moved to off-Field Storage.  So the team may move objects around inside Base (and Storage) however they like.  (The rules for Launching and Interrupting still apply, of course.)

Question on Points #2 -- scoring
  As Todd noted, the team may earn up to 35 points from M09 for the Manure Samples, and 5 more points from M15 if all seven are in the Training and Research Area.  And yes, the points for each mission are added up together to create the final score.

Question on Points #3 -- penalty objects
  Correct, the team may not do anything with any of the five penalty items (Manure Samples).  The Mission description calls them "permanent/untouchable."

Question on Penalties #1 -- triangle
  Correct, the triangle is just a convenient, out-of-the way location for the penalties to be shown.  By placing the Manure Sample in the triangle, it is clear to both the team and the referee how many penalties have been assessed.

Question on Penalties #2 -- triangle location
  No, the white triangle for penalties is far away from Base.  If you look at page 3 of the Field Setup instructions, you can see the directions that we use to describe the field.  In addition, there is a green and white compass rose on the mat just above (north of) Base.  The long wall that Base touches is the South wall, and the southeast corner is at the opposite end of that long wall from Base, near the setup location for the Seal.

Steve Scherr
Virginia-DC FLL Referee Advisor

On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 4:38 PM, John Coleman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
While we are on the topic of manure…M15 references M09 penalties. What are these penalties? The word “penalty” does not appear under M09.

> On Sep 6, 2016, at 4:32 PM, Todd J Lennox <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> With clarification my read on the manure is that the referee has 5. There are 5 in base. There 2 on board. Thus there are 7 that can score resulting in the potential of 40 points outlined in your para. 3.
> I understand the referee to put pieces as penalties in the white triangle in the SE corner near the seal.
> Todd Lennox
> Coach
> Capital Girls (2014-2015)
> Think Tank (2016)
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>> On Sep 6, 2016, at 4:19 PM, Nanda Kottury <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Hi
>> We are a rookie team
>> QUESTION ON POINTS: I see only two (2) locations on the board where manure samples to be placed - one in middle of the board and other one at the panda release (designated locations).
>> 1.    Does this mean, rest of ten manure samples can be placed anywhere in the base by the team ?
>> 2.    If the team succeeds in moving all ten manure samples from base and two manure samples located at designated location, one at a time, to training and research area then the team would get 12*5 = 60 points ? and additional 5 Points for having completed M15. Does this mean the team would get 65 points in total ?
>> 3.    Per M15 penalties section, If the referee is holding 5 of the 10 manure samples with him/her,  does this mean the team gets to move only seven(7) samples instead of twelve(12) – per challenge update document changed from 10 to seven. If team moves manure samples one at a time to the training and research area, does this mean the team would get a maximum of 7*5 = 35 plus 5 for completing the mission, now potentially 40 in total ?
>> 1.    When Referee place manure sample in white triangle, in the south west area for interrupting the robot? Is this just a gesture to show the team that they have six (6) point penalty ?
>> 2.    The tringle that is referenced in M15 PENALTIES section, Is this the triangle where FIRST is written (right above the big LEGO logo in the base) ?

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