Multiple people have asked about the wording on M15 on the two-page Animal Allies Challenge brochure (file name downloads as animal-allies-challenge-document.pdf)

M15 has some extra words that do not belong that form the last line of the M15 box:  "penalties, worth Minus 6 points each".  These are the same words that appear (correctly) in the last line of the Penalties description.

  If you review the text in the Challenge Guide (animal-allies-challenge-guide.pdf), you'll see that these extra words do not appear.

  The Challenge Guide contains a lot of information that teams need to know, including the Robot Game Rules, the full description of the Project, and other useful information.

  Teams that only use the Brochure, and do not use the Challenge Guide, will not have everything that they need to succeed.

Steve Scherr
Virginia-DC FLL Referee Advisor

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