We're a first-year team, and I'm a first-year coach, so it's possible that
these questions will have obvious answers to most experienced teams, but we
can't figure them out...

*M01: Shark Shipment* -* "not touching her tank's walls".*

   1. Does this mean:
      - The robot can't touch the tank walls?
      - The shark can't touch the tank walls?
      - ... or both?
   2. Also, do "walls" mean:
      - The blue/glass walls?
      - The beige/opaque walls?
      - ... or both?

*M08: Camera Recovery* - *"Camera is completely in Base".*

   1. Does this mean:
      - The robot (in Base) can still be holding the Camera?
      - The robot must set the Camera down in Base?

*M10: Bee Keeping* - start location of bee

   1. There is conflicting information here:
      - A callout picture in The Robot Game, section M10 seems to suggest
      that the rectangle-outlined "Training & Research Area" is relevant.
      - The Overhead pictures suggest that it's on the opposite side of the
      teeterboard, nowhere near the rectangle.
      - The text for M10 provides no information; I initially assumed it
      started in the Base.


   1. For missions where you move something from the home space to a target
   location, can our team determine where in the home space the object sits?
      - For example: the shark tank.
      - For example: Can it sit immediately in front of the robot?
   2. Is there a specific spot/orientation in the Base that our robot must
   start in, or is that our own discretion?

  - pete

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