Hello all,

For the the M04 feeding mission, does the “More" requirement: "If multiple pieces of Food are in one area, all must match each other.” apply to each individual area or the whole field?

For example, if there are:

	• Area 1: two red pieces of food, and
	• Area 2: a blue piece of food and a white piece of food,

Does that score:

	• 20 total point: 20 points for the two matching foods in area 1 and zero points because Area 2 does not meet the “More" requirement, or 
	• Zero total points because of the missing “More” requirement from Area 2 also prevents any points from Area 1?

I’d argue for the 20 total points position, but I could see it going either way.  Thanks!

- Michael DeChaine

Rookie coach: RoboTeam 2000

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