Hello all,

I have a quick question regarding the shark-transport mission. At my 
team's regional tournament, I noticed a lot of team have a set up like this:
- The shark is taken out of the shark tank
- The tank is then turned upside down
- The shark is place on its side (not standing), "on" the bottom of the 
tank (since the tank was turned upside down, the bottom is now the top)

Now with that set up, they can easily push the shark tank to the target 
location and still satisfies the requirements:
- Shark and tank are completely in Target
- Shark touching only the tank floor (NOT wall)
- Nothing touched the Shark except the tank

Is this method allowed? I would like to know since I am preparing my 
team for the Championship event. To be honest, I feel like this is 
cheating but the ref. did not say anything to teams that did this.


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