HI FLL Mentors, Referees and Awesome Coaches!!!

Thanks for all the Qs asked and answered on this forum in the last 30 days. 

My team was sharing their project and Robot design with a Rookie team and we learnt that in the biomimicry mission, the White Gecko was to hang in the gap of the biomimicry wall and not be touching the white/grey section of the wall. I was not sure if that is true, because after reading the mission details, we were under the impression that the Gecko can go anywhere on top of the wall as long as it's not touching the ground.

the rules say "The Biomimicry Wall completely supports: ...All the weight of the White Gecko” the Gecko must be supported by the wall and not the robot at the end of the match.

I will really appreciate your feedback and clarfication on this topic.

Thanks a lot!

Amit Govil
Team 10769 - The Doggy Doo'ers

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