Hello all,

The Rocktown Robotics FRC team is collecting LEGOs to go to a brand new school, still under construction, in Honduras!  There are no FLL teams in Honduras, and we want to plant some FIRST seeds there!  We are hoping this will grow into a long-term partnership in which we can continue to support education efforts there and maybe even help facilitate a FIRST LEGO League team there one day!

If you have some extra LEGOs that you can part with, or if you are getting rid of your mission models from the season, will you please consider donating them to our cause?  Our plane is leaving THIS THURSDAY morning, so we would have to pick them up by Wednesday.  We would be happy to pick them up from anywhere in the Harrisonburg area, and we can try to help with shipping or transportation if you live further away.  If you donate some LEGOs, please send us a picture, logo, flyer, or something from your team so we can thank you and have you represented!

If you can't make it this round, we would still be happy to accept your donations, as we foresee this being a long-term partnership.  This is just the first round!

If you have any questions or would like to pitch in, please email us!  The Brick Dawgs and the Rocktown Robotics FIRST teams thank you for your help!

Many thanks and happy holidays to everyone!

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