FLL Teams,
This summer the Virginia Living Museum (thevlm.org) in Newport News will have a traveling exhibit of larger-than-life Lego animals, starting July 22nd and running though November.  As added excitement for the exhibit, they have invited FIRST Lego League teams to demonstrate their team's hard work throughout the exhibit.  We will have a number of ways that teams can participate and if teams are interested, please contact me and I'll get you more info (including some potential extra benefits of volunteering to help out!).

* Demo your FLL team's work.  Almost all Saturdays or Sundays are options between July 22 and the end of November.  The demos will be 1-3 pm and I will provide a FLL table and field kit.  All you need to bring is your robot and project if you still have it.  You do not need your entire team to be present.  Until the new season is started, we will use Animal Allies but after the release, you could also use this time as a team practice for Hydrodynamics if desired.

* Programming days - At least once a month we will have robots available for visitors to walk up and learn how to program.  If teams are interested in helping to teach programming, let me know.  Dates are not set yet (so they are flexible) but will be 1-3 pm on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

* Hydrodynamics Practice Day - Most likely on October 14th we will have a few tables of the Hydrodynamics field set up and will have some referees on hand for teams to practice and work with each other to prepare for the upcoming regional tournaments in November.  This will be open to any team interested in participating but I would like to know if you are attending so I make sure to have enough tables.  It will be a great opportunity to get some practice before the tournament!

If your team is interested in any of these activities, please let me know.  If you have a preference of day(s), let me know and I'll coordinate it with the museum for you.  Please note that we do need to coordinate with the museum so I would need to know before you arrive (or I know at least a few teams are already talking directly to the museum and that's fine too). And there are a few weekends that will not be an option due to other events.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing some of you all this summer/fall!


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