All Buyers and Sellers,
                  Please be aware of disputes while selling the used EV3 sets. One of the previous FLL team sold their EB3 set and all was working. While the buyer came back after a week for refund claiming that the usb port on the EV3 brick was broken. Buyer had checked the set twice before buying the kit. while no one is sure if the usb port was broken at the seller's end or buyer's end, and buyer's claim is that it was broken prior to the sale. It was a bitter experience for the seller to refund in full and an unnecessary argument. Now the seller is left with a EV3 kit with usb port broken on the brick, Only god knows when and by whom it was broken.

                Please check for the usb port on the brick, before buying or selling, to avoid such  conflicts. Because anyone using a wrong cable can easily break and then the disputes arise. 

                 Please note that I am not trying finding faults with either on buyer or seller in this case. I am just cautioning both buyers and sellers in such future sales. 

Sreeni Konanki

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