Hi Local FLL Teams,

Nova Labs in Reston is hosting a mock tournament this Sunday, Nov. 5. We have some experienced teen mentors/volunteers who've organized this for our Nova Labs FLL team and it would be great if a few other FLL teams would like to participate, too.  

If some or all of your team members have free time tomorrow from 2:30-5:30pm, it will be a good opportunity to practice your project presentation and run your robot on someone else's table.  It would be nice if a participating team could bring an extra mat and mission models but it's not required.

Here is the schedule:
2:30 - 3 - FLL Team Check-in
3 - 5:30 - Mock Tournament

You can email me for more details and to register.  
Liz Mason, FLL Coach
Team 114, Squirt Guns McGuffinsharks
Email: [log in to unmask]

Event organized by 
Marybeth Haneline, Nova Labs President
and Nova Labs FTC Teams.

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