I thought I saw this general topic covered before [in a previous year] but I could not find.

My team has what I am loosely calling a carabiner (a one-way swing latch) to [hopefully] do the Pipe Removal Mission.

I am assuming the Pipe is a Mission Model because of D05.  Thus would a carabiner or any one-way latch violate R11?  

In our particular case the model is easily removed by holding the latch open (the only force keeping it closed is gravity), but if one were to grab just the pipe after it was in the carabiner it might not open on its own.

D05 - MISSION MODEL - A “Mission Model”
is any LEGO element or structure ALREADY
AT THE FIELD when you get there

• You are not allowed to take Mission
Models apart, even temporarily.
• If you combine a Mission Model with
something (including the Robot), the
combination must be loose enough
that if asked to do so, you could pick
the Mission Model up and nothing else
would come with it.


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