Hieveryone,Weare still looking for several volunteers to fill roles in various capacities forthe Fairfax/GMU 1 and Fairfax GMU 2 FLL qualifier tournaments. I would love to seeyour interest either on Nov. 11 and/or Nov. 12 at GMU TheMIX@Fenwick next toFenwick Library (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center) in any capacity. Thisevents are fun and successful with dedicated volunteer support including FRCteam JAGBOTs of Falls Church HS and FTC team X-BOT.  Weprovide volunteer t-shirt, food, training and big thank you for your time andsupport. Day-OfSchedule We’restill working on the detailed schedule, but here’s the basic layout of eachday:  7:30am – Volunteer Check In (light breakfast and coffee provided) 8am – Referee/Judge training 8:30am – Team Check In 9:30am – Opening Ceremony 10am – Judging and Matches begin Noon– Lunch Break (lunch provided) 4 pm – ClosingCeremonyLocation& Parking Thetournament will be held at newly renovated The Mason Innovation Exchange on theGMU Fairfax campus.A map of campus and directions to the campus can be found here. Fenwick Libraryis closer to University Drive entrance.
https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.gmu.edu_resources_welcome_Directions_Directions-2Dto-2DFairfax.html&d=DwIFaQ&c=eLbWYnpnzycBCgmb7vCI4uqNEB9RSjOdn_5nBEmmeq0&r=J5fb0ELkRoh7TzAGYz99sSMvB-c7i4AC0HDT2OVPrww&m=Tty48nPKyFo7so6UfOqPr1fiXE94k3OtJXeFyM1vR_A&s=BcyR_yhAeJnjoAcHT9hLwhiX5hTkXtHag99GjWViPvs&e=  TeamConflicts Pleaselet me know if a team you are associated with will be attending the sametournament you are volunteering at. We are hosting 2 divisions, so we can makesure you don’t judge/ref for the division your team is in.  
Please let meknow if you have any questions or concerns or need clarification on anythingwritten here. Thank you for your support!
|  Tournament Directors  |  Desh Deshmukh
 [log in to unmask]  |  Nirup Menon
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