Hi everyone,

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Many of you may remember last year's HydroDynamics SM  Expert Expo, a two-hour open house which featured 14 industry professionals sharing their expertise to help 28 FLL teams with their Research Projects.  I'd like to organize a similar event this year, and I need your help to make it happen.

For the FLL Into Orbit SM Expert Expo, I'm seeking suggestions from the VA/DC FLL community for:

  *   Your personal contacts with professionals in industries related to space travel who might be willing to participate (to reply, email [log in to unmask] using the Subject line "Expo Expert: (name of expert)" in your reply),
  *   Companies or organizations that might have an available large meeting space and a willingness to host this two-hour community service event in September or October (to reply, email [log in to unmask] using the Subject line "Expo Venue: (name of venue),"
  *   A Fairfax County Public Schools employee who could arrange for the rent-free use of a school cafeteria or gym for the Expo (to reply, email [log in to unmask] using the Subject line: "Expo School: (name of school)," and/or
  *   Feedback/suggestions based on your experience with last year's Expo, so this year's event can be even better (to reply, email [log in to unmask] using the Subject line: "Expo Feedback").

I hope to receive lots of emails from all of you to organize a worthwhile event.  Please send your emails using the corresponding subject line to [log in to unmask]

I wish every team the best of luck this season!



Kim Schauer
Fairfax County Park Authority
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