Robin's team asks some good questions.  Discussing them will help your team
understand how to use the Robot Game documents.

Rule GP5 says that the FIELD SETUP document is just as important as the
description of the MISSIONS.

The FIELD SETUP document says, in the description of the setup of
Base, "place these six Models anywhere in Base:"
Also, the setup description for each of those Mission Models says something
like "Place the XXX anywhere in Base."

Also, rule GP5 says that pictures have no authority, unless they are talked
about in one of the Robot Game documents.
So, the picture labeled "Base Ready" in the FIELD SETUP doesn't mean that
the models are set up in that exact way.  They are just spread out for ease
of viewing.  That picture is not described as a required part of the setup
in any of the text.
The six Models that start in Base will be somewhere in Base for your team
to use.

Similarly, the overhead view of the Field is just an illustration, and is
not described as being the official setup condition.  The setup of the
Space Station Modules is describe in the FIELD SETUP:

   - "Insert the Dock Module all the way into the port at the south side,
   with its studs facing up."
   - "Insert the Cone Module all the way into the port at the east side."
   - "Place the Tube Module anywhere in Base."

For M06,

   - The Cone Module starts in the east port of the Habitation Hub.  The
   team wants to move the Cone Module to Base
   - The Tube Module starts in Base. The team wants to move the Tube Module
   into the west port of the Habitation Hub.
   - The Dock Module starts in the south port of the Habitation Hub.  The
   team wants to move it to the east port of the Habitation Hub.

Steve Scherr
Virginia-DC FLL Referee Advisor

On Sun, Sep 2, 2018 at 5:45 PM Robin Cole <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> There are a handful of small pieces that need to be moved as part of the
> challenges - I'm thinking mostly of the vehicles and satellites. The
> overhead picture of the challenge board has those pieces lined up in
> specific places within the base. Will the pieces be lined up in those
> spaces on the competition boards? Are we free to move pieces within the
> home base or is maneuvering around the pieces part of the challenge? Can
> the team pick the pieces up and put them on their robot as long as they are
> within the home base? Or does the robot need to move everything itself?
> And finally, the cone of the space station. Once of the challenges is to
> get the cone into the right slot. But in the overhead picture, the cone was
> already in the module. Do they just need to knock it into the right place?
> Or is the cone starting in home base?
> Thanks for your help.
> Robin

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