I have a rather large collection of LEGOs that I would be happy to donate to a team that’s looking to build up a collection of parts for their robotic endeavors.  I was an FLL coach for several years when my son was younger and began accumulating a large collection of parts back then. The collection has grown over the years and It now fills 4 ZAG cases, plus multiple small parts bins along with a number of small containers of common blocks and plates.  I also have some Mindstorms gear though it’s mostly RCX/NXT vintage, but may be usable.  Everything is sorted by part type.  There is a wide variety of parts including many Technic pieces and special items.  Everything is genuine LEGO and therefore eligible for use on your robot.


The catch is I’m looking for someone to take the whole batch.    If there’s more than you need you might be able to sell parts on eBay to raise team funds.  I need to free up the room in our basement and it’s time to move on!


I’m in Northern VA (Ashburn).  Feel free to contact me off list if interested





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