We are looking for Teachers (part time) interested in teaching Robotics lessons and simple science, math and STEM lessons to Elementary School students in our Robotics Academy. 

We will provide the necessary training and teaching material. 

Job responsibilities:
***This is a part time job******* 
** Classes are conducted in Ashburn and Chantilly**
**The teacher will be assisting us in our weekly Robotics classes in the evenings and Weekends. 
**The teacher will be part of our team conducting Robotics Summer Camps during June, July and August months**
**The teacher will be part of our team in conducting After school Enrichment programs.** 

* Prior teaching experience is desirable.
* Experience in interacting with Elementary school kids is desirable. 
* Experience in teaching Elementary school level science and math concepts is desirable. Robotics knowledge is not mandatory. 
* Should be available to work during evening hours and weekend hours as needed.*

**Paid hourly as per the market standards***

If interested , please PM me offline for more details. 

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