In case you're interested, two Virginia teams (Ruling Robot Falcons and the LEGOnauts) have joined forces to participate in this new format event.  We don't know what we're getting ourselves into, but it seems like a neat experience!

- Michael


Watch the Single Day Design EV3 Challenge On Aug 24: Watch on Twitch.TV



On Aug 24, sixteen advanced FIRST LEGO League teams from MD, NJ, PA, VA and WV will be competing in the pilot of the Single Day Design Challenge. These teams won’t have weeks to prepare, they will only have four hours to devise a solution to the challenge and then compete in the afternoon. And they are competing for real dollars!


You can read all about it here:


We’d love for you to join us in Bel Air, MD for the event.


If not, then join us online! 

* We’ll be broadcastng via all day from 7:30a to the awards ceremony at

* We’ll be showing interviews and special features on our YouTube Channel at

* Or go to this page for both!

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