Your team may arrange objects in Home pretty much anyway they like.  Your team may also put objects in the Launch Area while preparing for the next Launch, also pretty much anyway they like.

1.  During inspection, the only objects that need to be in the small/large Inspection Area are the Robot and other equipment that the team brings to the table (this includes the "white" Mission 11 Structure.)  Your referee should set up the field with any Mission Models (the objects already at the table) pushed into the Large Inspection Area (unless we learn that your team will use the Large area instead--we're guessing that all teams will prefer to use the Small area.)  You do not have to include any of the Mission Models in your team's inspection.

2.  Yes, as part of preparing for their first Launch or any re-Launch, the team Technicians can move Equipment or Mission Models into the Launch Area for the Robot the use/move when it is Launched (rule 21).  The Technicians can arrange things in Home while the Robot is running, and then move them in the Launch Area after Interrupting the Robot (rules 22, 26, update RG13)

It is fine to deliver Stacks, Upgrades, and the mission 11 Bag 10 Structure all at the same time.  As discussed previously, note that most teams will not want to have their M11 Structure on top of a Stack at the end of the match.
Steve Scherr
Virginia-DC FLL Referee Advisor

On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 10:14 AM Jeannine Robertazzi <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hello -
  I am a rookie coach with a team in central Virginia. Our team is looking to program something to try for Missions 11,12,13 and I have been hesitant as I still do not feel I understand the parameters. The rule book is very clear on where structures need to end up for points, but I am completely lost on where they need to be during launch and/or inspection.

  I think if I understood the purpose of "inspection" then maybe this will all make sense.
  1- So that is my first question - what is the purpose of the initial inspection and what needs to be in the "small inspection area" during this time. The robot, all attachments and only building blocks the team plans to use? Or *all* building blocks that could be used? Do the building units and upgrades have to be arranged in the form that the team will be using them during missions?

  2- Can my team manually stack a building unit (or 2), their bag 10 "innovative architecture" element and a sustainability upgrade and then move it manually into the "launch" area for the robot to them move to any circle? If this is their plan, must those elements be pre-stacked during the "inspection period"? Does the robot need to "fetch" the pre-built structure from the inspection area?

  I apologize for the denseness of these questions, but I wish there was more detailed guidance on these missions and this mat layout.

    Thanks in advance for any insight, Jeannine (Wrecking Balls of Charlottesville)

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