We are a second-year team and are used to being able to touch in the launch area. I thought we had clarification on the home area, but a question has come up that I would really love clarification on as our tournament is in two days:

If the robot needs an arm change, it must return to home. For the unit cubes mission, one technician is stacking them in the Home area while the other technician picks the robot up from the Home area and places it in the launch area. Then they are moving the unit cubes to the launch area where the robot with the new arm has been positioned and ready to go. That is our interpretation of how we can use the home area. The question comes up when we are adding unit cubes between different circles, but do not need an arm change. Obviously we have to interact with the robot to add the blocks. Can the robot return straight to Launch to add the new unit cubes or does it have to return home first? We can add unit cubes in launch, right?

Basically, when are we allowed to touch the robot in launch? I have read the rules and followed the listserv, but I need it spelled out explicitly for my team. Thanks in advance!

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