The source for Robot Game information is, which has the Game
Guide and the Challenge Updates.

We've talked about creating a list for FAQ in Virginia-DC FLL, but haven't
done it yet.  For comparison, I don't see many other FLL regions with FAQ
either this year.

The Game Guide and the Updates are what is important.  That's what the
referees will use.  If your team does what seems "natural" for a mission,
they will be okay The bulk of Robot Game discussion on this email list has
been discussion of details that are mostly of interest to experienced teams
and coaches, and rule changes compared with previous years.  A lot of that
is just noise for rookie coaches and teams.

There are two tricky things to be aware of in reading the Missions:  Rules
33 and 34, Independent and Supported.  If your team isn't building special
Equipment to help deliver Mission Models out into the field, then you are
probably okay.  The Mission 11 Innovative Architecture Structure is a
special case--your team probably wants to deliver it so it is separated
from Stacks of Building Units.

Otherwise, it boils down to:

   - Build everything out of LEGO-made parts
   - Don't use more than 4 motors, or remote control
   - Put all your stuff in the Small Inspection Area when you get to the
   table.  After that, store it all in the Home Area.
   - You will have at least one minute to set your stuff up, do light
   readings, tell the referee if a Mission Model looks wrong, etc.
   - Don't touch anything unless it is completely in the Home Area.
   (Except when preparing the Robot for a Launch.)
   - Only two team members at the table at a time, but you may swap in and
   - The match clock runs for 2 minutes 30 seconds.
   - Launch the Robot and anything it will use from completely in the
   Launch Area.
   - While preparing for Launch, you may arrange things inside the Launch
   Area however you want (under 12 inches).
   - When the Robot is completely in Home you may handle it, just like
   everything else.
   - If you touch or rescue the Robot from anywhere else (not completely in
   Home), you might lose a Precision Token or Cargo
   - If the Robot makes a change out in the field, leave it as it is
   - Scoring is based on the condition of the field at the end of the
   match, so the Robot might put something in scoring position and then mess
   it up later.
   - Your best score in any single match is what counts.  You'll have at
   least three matches.
   - Don't break Mission Models
   - Be creative and have fun!
   - Talk to your referee; he or she is there to help you show what you can

Steve Scherr
Virginia-DC FLL Referee Advisor

On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 7:57 AM MacArthur Robotics <[log in to unmask]>

> For those of us who are rookie teams, is there a single location to go and
> find all of these rules with these additional explanations? I’m trying to
> keep up with emails but it is a lot!

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