Hello everyone,
I need a little help resolving a programming problem my team's kids are running into.

We have a program where the robot launches and starts following the black line for a certain time, then turns right to push the traffic jam mission up. Then it turns left and is supposed to continue following the black line towards the swing. We are using a reusable block for "tape follower". The robot works fine until it has to follow the tape for the second time. At that point It just does not do anything. If we substitute the second "tape follower" block with a simple tank drive block, the robot works fine. The turn blocks are gyro assisted blocks and work fine.

Any tips on how to resolve this issue?

PS: Here is what the blocks look like:

Drive robot straight for x revolutions >> follow tape for x revolutions >> turn right 5 degrees >> turn left 5 degrees >> follow tape again for x revolutions


Rajeev Mehra

Coach: Ultimate Onions

FLL team #  47864


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