Python has steadily become more popular as the first language for beginners – because of its easy to understand syntax. In fact, it is the #1 introductory programming language of choice by most of the top US universities. On top of that, Python is the dominant language for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning.

We are making learning programming even easier for kids using the popular IDE PyCharm. With PyCharm, students will be able to learn Python programming very fast with some of its cool features and program using a “real” programming language at an early age, rather than first going through a visual programming language like Scratch. 

This will be a 2-day course, hosted by FTC Team 8535 Inspider, and there will be instructions to follow before the first class. 

TARGET AUDIENCE: Primarily, students in elementary and middle school, but high-school students and adults may also attend.

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