Hi All,

My teammate Luke and I qualified for the world championship in Detroit in April and are working hard on our project before the competition!

Our project is to create a pollinator corridor throughout our community, Newport News, called The Bee Byway. Our goal is to create native bee habitat in public areas that are one third of a mile apart in Newport News and turn them into a web of bumble bee habitat so they can travel between existing wild spaces and thrive in our city.

This a very large community effort which will take 50-100 people and we are currently making a list of volunteers who would like to support this effort. We are planning to plant at 36 waypoints on The Bee Byway on the morning of March 7th. Each site will take approximately one hour to finish. All the sites are within one third of a mile apart. Volunteers are welcome to plant one site or multiple depending on their time availability.

We are hoping some local FLL teams would be interested in participating in this project by volunteering to help with our mass planting. If your team (or individuals on teams) are interested, please let us know! We would be very grateful for any support!

Thank you so much!
Joshua Nichols
The Ruling Robot Falcons #1358

P.S. You can also RSVP here if interested 

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