Hello VA-DC FLL Coaches and Teams!


Just wanted to remind everyone that we have a VA-DC FLL Coach Chat tonight at 7pm.  We will focus the first 30 minutes on the Innovation Project, Event Format, and Event Registration.  The second 30 minutes will be open for questions and conversation. 


COACH CHATS:  Join us for bi-weekly Coach Chats where we will spend the first half on focused topics and leave the 2nd half for questions and conversation!  You can register HERE.  Additionally if you cannot attend, check out the recordings HERE.

Also, we have been sending out the following email to registered coaches and assistant coaches regarding registration!  We thought it also might be good to send it out on the Listserv as well.  We are moving along with our regularly scheduled season, but just know we will also be holding an unofficial FLL Remote season in February 2022!  We hope all teams with join us at some point this season!




The Cargo Connect season is upon us, but many of the challenges from last season still remain.  Our goal is to deliver high-quality events, while keeping all participants safe.  Because of the COVID-19 variants and the fact that we are serving a mostly unvaccinated community (children under 12), we have had to make some tough choices.  


We will be running our official FLL Regional Qualifying season during the first 3 weeks of November 2021.  These events will be held in a hybrid format (see below) and teams can find a *tentative* schedule HERE(be sure to change the setting to November).  We will also be holding an unofficial FLL Remote season in February of 2022 of all FIRST LEGO League teams who are interested.  


HYBRID EVENT FORMAT:  (Attend our next Coach Chat on 9/23 to hear more the hybrid format)


EVENT REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT OPEN:  Our VA-DC FLL tournament registration system is open!  If your team participated last year, you can log in but just know we removed all team data from last year, so the records would be clean for this season.  Teams can start entering team data and submit the tournament fee.

  1. Submit the $150 VA-DC FLL Regional Registration Fee (due by 10/10/2021).  You can find out how to pay by debit/credit card, check, or purchase order here:  https://va-dcfll.org/fll-challenge/team-resources/tournament-payment/
  2. Enter team member information (team member name, date of birth, etc.). Date of birth determines the team’s VA-DC FLL division – please be accurate and complete:  https://teammanager.va-dcfll.org/
  3. Regional Qualifying Tournament Preference Selection (pick 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choice). This final step (selection of tournaments) will not be available until October 1st at 10am

·         Assignments are based on a first-come, first-serve basis based on tournament selection so starting registration now will not guarantee your preference but does  give you ample time to collect team member information ahead of time.

·         You will be able to come back and make updates/changes as needed until the end of the registration period on October 10th.  We will send out reminders when  we get close to the opening of the regional tournament selection portion.

Please email [log in to unmask]  for any assistance.




Kaitlin Ilnitzki

Assistant Director




(540) 568-2216

800 South Main St. MSC 0305 

Harrisonburg, VA 22807


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