FLL Coaches,

My FLL Teams have aged out of their EV3s, and we didn't conduct a season
last year nor this year.  We are near Tysons, but depending on the area, I
could do a drop off.

Looking to recoup some storage space, and possibly apply funds to a future
Middle School / High School team.

I have two (2-boxes each) EV3 sets (1 is fully complete, and the other is
missing a few pieces (2 rubber bands, 1 red round 3-length locking piece, 1
black tee, and one grey long + rod, and maybe one or to other pieces that
have like 15-20 in the set)).

I have 4 FLL Sets (2 x City Shapers (2019), 1 Into Orbit (2018) and 1
Animal Allies (2016)) - complete with mats

I have 1 foam board table (similar to these instructions
<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__nmfll.org_images_STOW-2Dor-2DGO-5FUpdated-5FBuilding-5FInstructions.pdf-3Ffref-3Dgc-26dti-3D369520923432634&d=DwIBaQ&c=eLbWYnpnzycBCgmb7vCI4uqNEB9RSjOdn_5nBEmmeq0&r=k6Oa5GxfBPFMgGjb2r5QIoEOeBZs9xbNIpA0kLw_kFQ&m=GQv4pwfxz8WrWWslCY9YVhpCPLzMTvGByycGZ2oKjEk&s=xNfWz2ZozJG0jnQEh1v1JCkQbi-bI0GlcFIFeuyb8mQ&e= >)
that is in two separate pieces so it can fit into a car, in decent shape
(though some kids have poked the sides with their pencils).

Please let me know if you are interested via email.


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