Hello FLL Teams! FRC Team 422 has 4 FLL TABLES made from sturdy foam board which we are giving away FOR FREE to anyone or any team who could put them to use. They are lightweight, portable (foldable), sturdy, and the dimensions of an official FLL table. If you are interested, please email [log in to unmask] and we can arrange pickup! 

In addition, get excited because FRC Team 422: The Mech Tech Dragons will be hosting an offseason FLL Scrimmage on Saturday, March 12th! 

Calling all FLL teams and robotics enthusiasts! Maggie Walker’s Mech Tech Dragons Robotics Team will be hosting an Offseason FLL Scrimmage on Saturday, March 12th at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s school in Richmond, Virginia! Join us for a full filled day where you will be able to show off your robot without the stress of judging! You can register at https://forms.gle/39N5hUXRrzftfiFj6! You do not need to be a part of an official FLL team to participate!

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