Tonight there was a FLL Coach Chat and a great question came up. "Where can I see presentations from other teams?"

The VERY BEST place to see presentations from other teams is to actually get in the judging room! But certainly the people in the judging rooms must be highly paid professionals or people who know someone, right? Well, in a couple of weeks you are going to start seeing emails from Karen, our wonderful tournament coordinator, where she will be asking for volunteers for the judging at all of the regional events. Yes, the judges at all of our events, as great as they are, are really just volunteers that replied to Karen's email. If you sign up to do this, you will see first hand how important the rubrics are, and you will get to see how several other teams do at the judging.

As much fun as the Robot Game is, watching these highly motivated teams put on presentations that would make Tom Hanks jealous is truly inspiring. You really should do you and your team a huge favor and volunteer at least once. You will get all the training you need, and probably a really lousy lunch. And a T-shirt. But most importantly, you will get to see what really goes on behind-the-scenes at this (not so) mysterious FLL judging.

Karen, sorry for stealing some of your thunder!

Best regards,
Skip Morrow
Coach Team 24277
Norfolk Collegiate O.A.K.S.

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