Hello FLL coaches, mentors & teams,
Opportunity to get involved with advocacy for STEM+C competition team funding in underserved community schools.
Tomorrow, Saturday 12/3 from 9-noon, Blue CHeese is hosting a virtual education session regarding a bill being introduced into the 2023 VA General Assembly by Sen Stanley. The students wrote this bill and asked Stanley to introduce it and he agreed. This is an extension of SB246 that was passed in 2016 to provide startup funding grants for STEM+C competition teams in schools with >40% F/R lunch. This new bill will broaden the scope to elementary through high school as well as provide for startup funding and continued funding grants and codify the fund to not expire. Speakers on the call will include SASA (nonprofit behind NAC), Mark Smith from GMU, 422, 540 & 1086. Please attend if you can, share with other STEM supporting people that would love to learn how they can make STEM competition teams more accessible across public schools.
See attached flyer for more information.

Meeting link:
December 3rd, 9 AM - 12 PM eastern

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