Hello FLL teams and supporters,

VA Senator Stanley has introduced a bill to create a permanent grant fund for STEM+C competition teams in schools with 60% or more free/reduced lunch.

 “SB 806 STEM+C Competition Team Grant Program and Fund; created and established”


The bill has been assigned to the Senate Education and Health committee and the first vote will happen on Thurs Jan 19th.

This is a great opportunity for your students to learn how to advocate! Even if your team would not be eligible for grants from the fund it is important that all students have the opportunities that our students have to participate. We know that there have been 3 instances of grant funds from the previous bill used to create FLL teams.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? – It’s simple!

1.    Please reach out (email, call, visit) to your General Assembly members as soon as possible and let them know how important it is to support this bill so all students can have the opportunity to participate in STEM competitions such as robotics. Tell your story, your experiences in STEM, or that of your child. 

2.     Forward this email to other STEM supporters in Virginia asking them to email or call or visit their General Assembly members and express support for this bill
3. Post on social media encouraging others to contact their VA General Assembly members asking them to support the bill.

You can find your General Assembly members and contact information here:


You can find more information on the bill, the committee it is in, as well as sample email text you can use here:


Let's get this grant fund permanently established!


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