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Have you had a problem with your Spike Prime Gyro? Probably you were trying to do a gyro turn, and the robot just kept spinning and spinning? I have heard it from several teams and online, so it is a problem that is somewhat widely known.

I did some troubleshooting and found that if you hold the robot while it is booting up, almost certainly your gyro will not work. However, if you set the robot down for at least five seconds or so, it usually fixes itself. Here's a video I took of the problem:

At the beginning, I mention a previous video, which doesn't have much to add, but if you want to see it, here's the link:

I have notified Lego technical support, and they have been super helpful! I'd like to share the email exchange here

From Lego to me:

Hi Skip,

Thanks for the video and the steps leading to the gyroscope issue when running downloaded code! 

Here's an update of where we are in the investigation. We've been able to reproduce this issue with word block coding consistently on multiple robots with SPIKE Legacy firmware (HubOS 

When following the steps previously outlined, the gyroscope data does not update. Hub yaw/pitch/roll data is stuck at 0.

For now, the workaround is what you've pointed out in the video. Add a wait block right after the initial program start block. A minimum of 2 second wait is needed.

We are in the process of testing with Python and I suspect the results will be similar to what you've already found.

Also, interestingly, this issue is not reproducible with SPIKE App 3 firmware (HubOS 1.2.10). 

Have a bricktastic day!

My Reply:

That is Awesome! I am glad that you were able to recreate the problem. By the way, you can also mitigate the problem by just letting the robot sit still for a couple of seconds before running the program. You don't have to do it with a wait block/command.

I am a little confused with the version numbers. You mentioned HubOS, which is what I have on my hub, and that is obviously where we are having the issues. But then you mentioned Spike App 3 and HubOS 1.2.10. I thought Spike App 3 was the newest version??? But the HubOS 1.2.10 was a lower number than what I have now??? Are you saying that I should upgrade to Spike App 3? Or downgrade my HubOS to 1.2.10? Sorry for the confusion!

Their final reply:

Good to know about just letting the hub wait/sit still for a few seconds before starting the program.

Also, I'm happy to clear up any confusion with firmware numbers. Yes, SPIKE App 3 has a lower number! It's because SPIKE App 3 has a complete rework of the firmware. So the versioning started a new. You can think of SPIKE Legacy and SPIKE App 3 firmware as two separate tracks. 


As for upgrading to SPIKE App 3, for FLL teams, we recommend holding off for now because:

(1) No auto-conversion of SPIKE Legacy projects

So right now SPIKE Legacy projects are not compatible with SPIKE App 3 and vice-versa. Our SPIKE app team is working on a converter for an upcoming update in the Spring.

(2) No Python

A new Python API for SPIKE App 3 is being worked on. So it's not yet ready for SPIKE App 3. It will be part of a future update.

Final thoughts:

If you are having problems with your gyro, perhaps wait until Spring when the new software will be released. If you really need your robots right now, then absolutely be sure to boot the robot in a very stable place. Or be sure to let it sit steady for a few seconds after booting.

Also, do not update your robot to Spike App 3.x until further notice.

Anyway, I thought this would be helpful to some teams.

And have a Bricktastic Day!

Skip Morrow

Coach 24277

Norfolk Collegiate O.A.K.S.

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