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Here are the submissions for the Norfolk tournament scavenger hunt as of 4:45 pm on November 16. Last chance to submit is 10 pm on 11/16.

Team's Name Team's FLL Number Team's Division Team's City Question Your Answer Question Your Answer
Greenbrier Panthers 9021 1 Chesapeake On the back of our team shirt, what does the "C" in "GRACIOUS spell? Coopertition What is the acronym name of our innovation projection solution? SMART Pet
TME Pathfinders 63208 1 Chesapeake What is the name of our innovative solution? The Glowing Guard What is the name of our robot? RoboTiger
Homeschool Tidal Wave 60457 2 Virginia Beach What is our team’s favorite core value? Teamwork! What is our hobby? Campfires and Smores
OLMC White Team 26034 2 Newport News What is stop motion? a way to make movies with Legos
OLMC Yellow Team 35054 2 Newport News What makes a robot dance? Music
Disco Dancing Dolphins 62149 2 Virginia Beach What is the name of the robot for Disco Dancing Dolphins? Tony Stark
Lego Legends 60769 2 Ashburn How much does it cost to build a 3D Gimbal? $16.78 What does GMU stand For? George Mason University

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