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Over the last two weekends and many emails I have seen from coaches has caused me to reach out to you about combining mission models.

Combining mission models is where you take a mission model and you attach it to a piece of team supplied equipment (anything the team brings to the table) or other mission models to make them one part.

When you combine mission models, you potentially put the scoring of those models at risk.

Please take a moment and read page 20 rule 4.

If you combine mission models with anything, you must be able to separate them so that any mission models are returned to their original condition immediately.  We're going to ask you to restore them to a perfect original condition in one motion. If you are unable to do this, the entire combination will not count.

You can see this in the last sentence of page 20, rule 4, points scored using combinations that fail the test will not count.

Additionally, please leave your mission models, including your pedestals, and your audience members at home. Please do not bring them to the tournament.

I hope this helps you plan a more effective strategy.

Best wishes for a successful season for your team and see you at the competition!

Michael Brown
Referee advisor

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