If anyone on the list is interested I have last 2 years challenge boards, NXTs, and a son looking for a team in Broadlands area (11). He's quite smart, but hard headed, not the best team player (wants to be leader, needs to work on this a lot) and has aspergers (which explains some of those traits). All this makes him a challenge to work with sometimes. I won't have time this year to do anything on a team.. I coached a school team two years ago, last year we signed up for a team but gave up (lack of time, I really wanted to be an assistant coach both times and last year just couldn't commit time to meetings).

I've got 3 NXT kits and the last 2 years challenge boards; I'll buy (want to keep it though) another entry / board and for a team and BitShop (work) can be considered a sponsor or something (name on shirt or whatever). Also can probably provide some computer tips to the team if needed (programming tips, etc.).

If someone has a small team he may be a good addition, but I want to be clear he's a challenge in the group stuff always and it'll need to be a coach who's patient, preferably one who has some experience with Aspergers kids.

Our extra kits would make it easier not to have the arguments over pieces and have a spare test robot, etc. and I like having the extra boards to let kids try to do things early to get an idea of what the whole process is. Last years board was never even assembled <sigh>.

If it's a win/win match for someone perhaps he can be an addition and we can help the team out with the extra resources available.

Good luck to all teams..

Steve Radich - http://www.aspdeveloper.net / http://www.virtualserverfaq.com
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