I just received a new book in the mail today. Having just looked it over, I
wanted to recommend it to you.
It is "FIRST LEGO LEAGUE The Unofficial Guide" by James Floyd Kelly and
Jonathan Daudelin.  It has A LOT of helpful information about FLL.  If you
are new to FLL OR thinking of doing it in the future, this book would be a
GREAT resource.  It would move you quickly along the learning curve.  So
much of this information I had to figure out on my own or piece together
from various sources.  It is GREAT to have it in a book!  This book is brand
new to the market.  
I purchased it through Books-a-Million 's website because I get a "member"
discount.  I paid $20.54 total.  I had a coupon for free shipping.  
Have a great weekend!  :) 
Cari Norton
FLL Team #71 
Roanoke, VA
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www.robodesigners.com <http://www.robodesigners.com/> 

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