FIRST has an exhibit at the State Fair and we would like to
have FLL teams there to show the public what FLL is all about
and how much fun Science and Technology can be!!

Bring your team for a shift at the FIRST exhibit, and in return
we will provide general admission tickets for the Fair.  You
don't need to have a robot that can accomplish missions, we
realize it is early in the season.  You can just come and even
have a working session so visitors can see what is involved in
the process or you can come and talk with visitors about your
FLL experience.  You could even talk with visitors about the
missions and what the robot must accomplish.

We will have a table with a field set up kit, we just need some
teams to come and show how much fun FLL is!!

We welcome all teams even if this is your first year!!  Come have
fun at the Fair and represent FLL!!

We need shifts filled between Saturday, September 27th and
Friday, October 3rd.  We will be there from 10:00 am to
7:30 pm, and would love if your team can come for a few hours.

For questions or to sign up for this fun filled event, please contact
Sally Sylvester by email or phone (804)360-4728.

THANKS and have fun this season with "Climate Connection".

Sally Sylvester
FIRST Senior Mentor Virginia

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