WHO:  Any FLL team that wants to join the FIRST exhibit at the Fair.
             In return receive a general admission ticket to the Fair 
for team
            members and mentors.

WHAT:  Show how much fun FLL is and what it is all about!!
             Talk about FLL, show your team working on their robot and
              missions, run the robot, etc.  You don't need to have the
              robot accomplishing multiple missions to come.  We are
              just trying to showcase what FLL is all about.

WHERE:  Richmond Raceway Complex, Richmond.

WHY:  To showcase FLLat the FIRST exhibit and have fun at the Fair.

WHEN:  September 27th - October 3rd.
             Any shift between 10:00 am - 7:30 pm.

Please contact Sally Sylvester with any questions about this opportunity
or to sign up for a shift.  You can either call at (804)360-4728 or send
an email!!  Any time you can help will be greatly appreciated as we are
trying to get coverage for all those dates and times!!

THANKS and come show that FLL is fun and have fun at the Fair!!
(A great team building activity - a day at the Fair!!)

Sally Sylvester
FIRST Senior Mentor

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