Hi everyone,

This is my first time coach and I am feeling a little lost!  It was a last 
minute decision to get a group of students together and compete this year 
in FLL.  Seeing as how the competition is in November, I'm starting to 
feel the pressure!  Any suggestions???  We have met about 3 times and the 
students have a working robot with the NXT kit.  I have some questions if 
anyone can help me!

1.  Do the NXT Robots have to be built a specific way for competition?  Or 
is it up to students how they build it?

2.  With the climate missions this year, do you compile 1 program that the 
robot is designed to do ALL Missions within taht ONE program?  Or can you 
do a series of programs to accomplish the missions?  

3.  I know I have a lot of reading and researching to do but is there 
something someone would suggest as a starting point?

Any help would be SO appreciated!!!

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