As state Judge Advisor, I’m making a ruling here: No dry ice. The risks outweigh the benefits for the volunteers and the kids.

Phil Smith III
Virginia/DC Judge Advisor, 2007, 2008
Judge Advisor, Northern Virginia Regional tournaments, 2006
Division 1 Judge Advisor, Virginia State tournament, 2006

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Team 2497 (2003)
Team 2355 (2004)
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Dry ice is hazardous if handled without gloves and kids should not be the ones handling it. Read below.


Safe Handling

AVOID CONTACT WITH SKIN AND EYES! Dry ice is extremely cold, -109F (-79C) and can cause severe frostbite within seconds of direct contact. (Frostbite is a freezing injury resembling a burn.)

NEVER HANDLE DRY ICE WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. Always wear insulated gloves. Safety glasses, long-sleeved shirt, long pants and shoes are also recommended. Use tongs to handle blocks of dry ice.

DO NOT PUT DRY ICE IN YOUR MOUTH OR OTHERWISE INGEST IT. If dry ice is accidentally ingested, it can cause severe internal injury. Never put dry ice in beverages to cool them.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Only adults should handle dry ice.

OBTAIN DRY ICE IN THE FORM AND SIZE IN WHICH IT WILL BE USED. Never saw a block of dry ice; never use a hammer to break a block of dry ice into smaller pieces.

TRANSPORT DRY ICE IN YOUR VEHICLE TRUNK OR TRUCK BED. Leave windows open for fresh air circulation. Never leave dry ice in a parked passenger vehicle. Sublimation of dry ice in a closed passenger vehicle can result in the accumulation of dangerous concentrations of asphyxiating carbon dioxide vapor. Dry ice can be safely transported without special ventilation in the closed cargo area of a truck if all occupants are restricted to the cab. When opening a closed cargo area containing dry ice, allow the closed space to ventilate for 5 minutes before entering.

NEVER STORE DRY ICE IN GLASS OR OTHER SEALED (AIRTIGHT) CONTAINERS OR COOLERS. Storage in a sealed container can result in a rupture or explosion of the container from over-pressurization.

DO NOT USE DRY ICE IN CONFINED AREAS. Dry ice releases heavy carbon dioxide vapor that can cause rapid suffocation.

DO NOT PLACE DRY ICE ON A TILE OR LAMINATED COUNTER TOP. Instead, use a solid surface - a wood cutting board or piece of plywood is best. Dry ice is sometimes used in tile removal and may destroy the bonding agent holding the tile or laminated material in place.

DO NOT PLACE DRY ICE IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH PERISHABLE FOODS OR BOTTLED/CANNED BEVERAGES. Produce may sustain severe freezer burns and bottle/canned beverages may split or explode. 


Darlene Pantaleo

Judge Advisor


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There is nothing that is banned from the presentations as long as it is not a safety hazzard (I.e. Fireworks) but do keep in mind that the kids are the ones that have to operate anything that is used in there presentation. If the container is too heavy for the kids to bring in to the room it would be ok for the parent to initially bring it in. But make sure that you bring it up in the coaches meeting the day of the tournement to ensure that the judges will know that is going on.


Samantha LaPlante

Co-head judge VADCFLL

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My team would like to use dry ice as part of their project presentation.  

Is this allowed, and where do I find the rules on what is Ok or banned 

from use in the presentations?

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