A fair question. I would expect mission models like these to be glued, for simplicity (it would be far too easy for parts to disappear accidentally if not); as ever, benefit of the doubt should go to the team. If a hat falls off just because the robot vibrates a little, I wouldn’t expect that to be taken as deliberate mission model damage. If a hat falls off because the robot is trying to cram the little dude through the window of the house, that *might* be viewed differently (but you wouldn’t be doing that, of course).


What I wouldn’t expect is for you to successfully argue that you should get points for the ice buoy if, say, the base falls off but the robot delivers the top in such a manner that, had the base still been attached, it would have been upright. That goes too far in expecting the refs to make woulda, coulda, shoulda assumptions.

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Subject: [VADCFLL-L] Loosing parts of researchers while delivery




While delivering researchers (lego mini-figs) to their destination, sometimes their parts fall off (skis/caps, etc.)

If that happens during tournament are any points taken off?


Also similarly the snow-mobile looses it's parts, so if it's skis fall off but rest of the snoe-mobile is delviered is

it considered scored?


Luckily the polar bear's head stays on it's shoulders :-)


any insight will be appreciated.

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