>This is my first year coaching and one of the kid has all sorts of 
>lego blocks. Are there any rules around what kind of lego blocks can 
>be or cannot be used for attachments to the motors.
>Nilesh Shroff
>IT-Director Network Systems


Absolutely any building parts made by Lego are allowed. The only 
restriction is on the number and type of motors and sensors. For 
details, see the bullets and chart under "Materials" under 
"Background Rules and Concepts" in the robot game rules.

* Everything you compete with must be made of LEGO elements in 
original factory condition, except LEGO string and tubing, which you 
may cut to length.
* There are no restrictions on the quantity or source of non-electric 
LEGO pieces, except that wind-up/pull-back "motors" are not allowed. 
Pneumatics are allowed.
* The electric elements used must be the LEGO MINDSTORMS type, and 
the total number of electric elements you may use in one match is 

(There's a Q&A clarification on the wind-up motor restriction, that I 
won't profess to understand well enough to explain.)
Mike Blanpied
Reston, VA
2006 Nano People #4809
2007 Power Bunnies #1666
2008 BLT - Brilliant Lego Team #5013

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