At 12:34 AM -0500 11/20/08, Debbie Brumback wrote:
>Sorry to hear that your daughter's community service work to FLL was not
>acknowledged by her school.
>A key word in your message is DAUGHTER.  A young lady volunteered at a
>robotics competition!

I agree. From my perspective in a field of science (geology and 
geophysics) that remains thin in women despite recent improvement, it 
was terrific to see a large number of female judges, refs and scorers 
at the Sterling tournament, nearly every one with an enthusiastic 

And a good number of girls on teams, too. We missed the flash and 
presence of the JEECS Squad (last year in Ashburn they made a splash 
with their bright pink shirt-dresses and near-perfect robot 
performance), but there was a good amount of girl-power at the 
tournament. More evidence of the broad appeal and empowerment of 

Mike Blanpied
Reston, VA
2006 #4809 Nano People
2007 #1666 Power Bunnies
2008 #5013 BLT--Brilliant LEGO Team

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