> At 6:10 PM -0500 11/21/08, Stuart & Lori Roll wrote:
>> The unasked question seems to be "Shouldn't the game be easier for  
>> the weaker teams so they won't get discouraged?".  That may be a  
>> valid question to ask after the season is over and I'd be curious  
>> to see people's thoughts on the matter.  I think the biggest  
>> problem was people's expectations.  They thought they could score  
>> points as easily as last year and got frustrated when they couldn't.

Maybe the frustration stemmed from an assumption that they were the  
only team experiencing problems.  I think if teams realized that the a  
score in the low to mid 100's would have been competitive and a  score  
below 100 should still warrant participation we would have had higher  
enrollment numbers.

I do recall a couple of threads on the listerve that were urging teams  
to participate regardless of their scores.   Maybe if we only  
published the top 50% for the scores on the gym wall teams wouldn't  
feel so intimidated.



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