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Hi Darlene,

Darlene Pantaleo wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">Scott, we seem to have a missing link in the rules. At what point is a mission considered completed? In the test the levees mission, is it completed 1) when the robot hits the activation bar, 2) when it backs off and is no longer touching the bar, or 3) when the wheel comes to a stop?
Most missions are only considered "done" at the end of the match.  But since this mission is irreversible, it's done when the required result is achieved.  And for this one, there are two results needed.  First, the wheel needs to shoot out cleanly, and next, it has to roll freely until [whatever].  Since nothing can control the rolling wheel once it's on its way, I'd say you can pick the robot up as soon as it has hit the lever.  It would be best though if you waited until the robot backed off a little though, so the referee doesn't think it was your hand motion that helped trigger the thrower.
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Teams want to know when it is OK to touch the robot if it is completing a mission while in base (and still score the points).
Yes, but wait until it's clearly done its thing.

Warm Regards,

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