With all that you had going on around you (i.e. the marathon) and all you had going on at Maggie Walker – that was a lot of teams  - and all the questions last minute (mine included about the strategic objects!) you guys never let us see you sweat.  Special thanks for the chairs next to the competition tables those really made a difference!  Everyone was helpful and knew how to keep things running smoothly.  The announcements were so helpful to keeping us on time, our pit helper – she was AWEOME – Catherine W. – please give her special thanks from our team I could not find her after the meet – not only did she get us where we needed to be – she really helped calm me and my team who had so many robot issues we had to keep tweaking and re-downloading programs within minutes of going to the competition table.  And the judges … they were all so kind to the kids… everyone deserves major thanks!  No job was too small – even the boy who saw my kid had a scrape on his leg and ran to get us a bandaid -  every volunteer made a positive difference and it showed!


Thanks !



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