I am wanting to get some feedback as well as provide some feedback to those teams/parents in the Northern Virginia area with 8th graders that are signed up to take the TJ Exam on Dec. 6th and headed to the State Tournament during that same weekend.

Phil Smith had announced at the Sterling 2 awards ceremony that VA/DC FLL had become aware that the test date is during the morning of the 1st tournament day, and that FLL would do what it could to help.
I did speak with him after the competition and shared that I would also try to contact the TJ admissions Office.

I have contacted Ms. Judith Howard, who heads the TJ Admissions office, to ask about what options are available for those students that are experiencing this date conflict.  I know that it is possible to request an alternate test date, but I'm sure that that will be difficult to get approved.

I am wondering, out of curiosity, how many teams and also how many team members from each team are affected by this conflict?
Also, is your team a school-sponsored team?
This type of feedback will be helpful for both VA/DC FLL as well as the TJ Admissions Office to help facilitate accommodations.

Our team is small, with 3 members, but 2 out of the 3 are sitting for the Exam.
We are not a school-sponsored team, per se.

Please would you post a response, giving the above info, if you are dealing with this same issue?

I will also let you know as I hear back from Ms. Howard.

Thanks very much!
Marie Kobayashi
Vector 67 (Team 6767)
Reston, Virginia

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