Re: Definition of "tagging"
I'm not clear what the rules dictate for when kids replace one another at the table in the midst of a robot match. The basic rule is that only two are allowed at the table, that's clear enough. But for exchanges, the new (for 2008) rule is:

"The rest of the team must stay back from the table, but close enough for different members to tag in or out as desired at any time.  Specific positioning is decided by the head officials running each tournament."

What does "tagging in or out" mean, exactly? In practical terms, does one kid need to leave the table before his or her replacement approaches the table? Or can a by-standing kid join the other two and 'tag' the one he/she is replacing? Only two kids would be active in either instance, but the latter would actually have three bodies inside the line for a short interval of time during the swap. Our team is practicing their match logistics in order to shave time off the clock, and this detail matters.

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