I think all this discussion is great, we are identifying areas of concern,
listing opinions, and offering solutions.  I think we all should try to
remember all this next year when a new crop of rookie coaches join us and
are looking on the listserv for any advice they can find about the new world
of FLL.  If we bring up this discussion about parent/coach involvement and
where teams should spend their emphasis and practice time, we can help make
this better and better.  In talking to some of the rookie coaches it seems
they are coming up from the elementary school where many were in Odessy of
the Mind ( OM ) competitions and they are using the skills they learned
there.  It falls on those of us who have experience to offer suggestions to
them ( listserv ) to let them know the differences.  My feeling is that we
are on the right track.  



Rusty West

Page Middle School

Gloucester, VA



Project Lead The Way / 

Gateway To Technology


FIRST Lego League

FIRST Tech Challenge






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